Molasses liquid bait additive.

Thick black syrup made from sugar cane, carp love it.

Sweet tasting with a liquorice smell.




Liquid Bait Addictive

Molasses is one off the most overlooked carp attractors out there.

When used as a bait additive, the main benefits of molasses are its natural sugars, deep liquorice taste and aroma. The trace elements and minerals it supplies are great too.

The natural sugars are of particular use when preparing particles. Molasses works as a taste enhancer and helps with the natural fermentation process. This makes the particles even more attractive as natural sugars are released and start to caramelize into a sweet, soluble syrup. This then releases great food signals to the fish.

Works great even in very low temperatures.

Being black in colour, molasses is also great for darkening particles making them less likely to attract the unwanted attention of birds.

It’s basically a byproduct from sugar refining and this thick sweet dark coloured liquid contains no chemical additives, is high in natural minerals, enzymes and amino acids.

Big carp love molasses, it’s a great bait addictive to give you the edge you need to catch those fatty’s.

Whichever way you look at it, sugars are a very important year-round attractor and should not be overlooked – even in savoury baits!

What to use it for

Species wise, everything seems to love the stuff. Carp are perhaps the obvious candidates, whether it’s used in a Method mix or drizzled into a PVA bag, or used to make a really sloppy groundbait mix for margin tactics, or for boilies.

  • Boilie making ingredient.
  • Bait glugs.
  • Add to stix mixes.
  • Add to PVA bags.

Additional information

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500ml, 1L, 2L, 5L


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